The soul of Rorschach without the mask



About Me

What do I say about me that you wont soon find out? That is the question for the ages.
Well I'm a man who has walked straight through a volcano & came out on the other side playing in the snow.
I'm not a man who regrets the past but one that will prevent the mistakes in the future.
I have a saying; the future beholds only what you place in the hands of it.
The truth of my life is that my greatest emotion is my friends.
Without them I wouldn't exist. For with them my immortality lasts forever.
I leave you to enjoy the world many dare to enter & very few survive.
So, please sit back, strap in, hold on & enjoy the ride thru the mind of the man they call...

The creation of the beast, the hibernation of the man, the rebirth of the fallen, a rise to the legend...


"From Volcanoes to Waterfalls, The Merciful Surrender"

The Real Heath David Story


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